04 Feb

Egg-Shaped Sphere Guided Imagery/Visualization: 

To begin, raise your arms over your head, fingertips touching. The top of this egg-shaped sphere is here. As you move your hands in an arc (like a big parentheses) down to your feet, the sphere is outlined and goes into the ground, beneath your feet, about 3-6 inches. See yourself in the middle of this egg-shaped sphere of luminous white light. This white light may have an iridescence with colors of a rainbow, or shimmering, electrical qualities, yet predominately it is pure white light.  This sphere surrounds, protects and fills you – all the time, as it is our larger outer electro-magnetic field.  Be creative with your own simple prayers.  Here is an example:

  • “Just now, I call forth the Light of the Great Spirit, the Light that I am, the Light of all creation that surrounds, protects and fills me.”   

Simply visualizing this field and stating this reality will strengthen and enhance both your boundaries and awareness.

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