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Candace MacNair

Intuitive Life Coach & Energy Healer

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Hi!  My name is Candace and for over 25 years I have been helping people move to the next level of healing and awareness.  Whether beyond pain, confusion and stress into a life of vitality, clarity and confidence, or to share tools that increase your awareness of the radiant Soul you are!

My Scottish great-grandmother passed along 'The Sight' and a gift of healing and seeing multiple dimensions of a person.  As a Spiritual Director and Counselor  I am passionate about opening the doors of the heart and sharing both ancient and modern spiritual healing tools that give access to greater clarity, awareness of being and a Core of Presence that enables you to activate your gifts and talents.

With a background in Radiology and Energy Medicine and a deep spiritual practiceI bring a unique and dynamic bridge of traditional and intuitive medicine.  As a Health Intuitive, Patient Advocate and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, I have worked with clients in hospital and private practice.  With a specialty in recovery from hip, knee and shoulder surgery, trauma and the effects of radiation and chemotherapy, I can become your healing coach and ally,  both pre and post op and through rehab - often with less pain and a more rapid recovery.

**The NIH (National Institute of Health), Stanford University and Pacific Medical Center (located in San Francisco) funded a 3-year study of distant or non-local healing on patients with gliobastoma (brain tumors).  They chose 10 healers nation-wide for the study and Candace MacNair was one of them.


I work as an ally for pre/post operative support, healing and recovery. Using energy healing and coaching to help you heal throughout the entire process and back into daily life. Available for both individual energy sessions and a personalized 10-day surgical package.

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Have you experienced a sudden shock, trauma or injury that has stopped you in your tracks? Or is life going fine, yet you are searching for more? For why you are here and what your purpose is? Let's talk and make a plan to support you - moving beyond 'stuck' places into your vital, radiant Soul Self!

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This is a four month commitment to your Self! Weekly sessions with specific goals that reveal, assess and release negative patterns, trauma, and stress. Or perhaps you want to develop greater awareness and perception of levels of being. With tools and guidance, you experience a greater flow of energy, clarity, awareness and confidence.

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Helping to 'see' beyond the immediate pain, stress or confusion to the deeper levels and patterns of being. Using intuition, energy medicine, Hawaiian Huna and Chinese healing tools to help you 'hear' what your body, mind and soul need. And support you into vitality and radiant health!

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The Neurochemicals of HAPPINESS

We can experience more happiness by simple activities, foods and essential oils!

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What is Presence?

What is Presence? How do we come to experience the Present Moment? How does Presence expand and fill us?

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Strengthen Bio-Field/Boundaries

Strengthen your energy field, boundaries and align yourself with your Essence.

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Awareness Tools- Clearing Negativity

A quick tool to help clear away negativity you may have 'picked' up from a person, place or event.

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What is the Bio-Field?

A short description of our electro-magnetic field both around the heart and the body.

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  • Santa Barbara & Sonoma, California, United States
  • Sessions by Phone, FaceTime, Zoom. In-person sessions available in both Santa Barbara and Sonoma County.

How can I help you to be your best self - on all levels? Drop me a line, ask me a question! Energy Follows Thought - share your thoughts with me. CONTACT ME FOR A FREE 30-MINUTE SESSION *Ask me about 'packages', custom plans and payment options.