Stress, pain, anxiety and overwhelm can rob us of energy, vitality, clarity and the ability to make good decisions.  We all have life cycles and transitions that can 'freeze', shut-down or confuse us:  death of a loved one, divorce, betrayal, a cancer diagnosis.  

Or perhaps we want more out of life, a deeper connection to our essential self, our Soul purpose.

Using ancient and modern tools of healing and awareness including Hawaiian, Chinese and Shamanic,  together we can 'see and hear' what your body, mind and spirit needs.  Releasing old patterns of belief and behavior opens up the flow of energy and insight.  This in turn creates a stability that allows greater awareness, perspective and the ability to make better choices.  

When the body, emotions and mind are more relaxed, the ability to access Spirit and greater Awareness becomes easier.  This can lead to the  ascension of consciousness into our essential Soul Self.   We are here not simply to exist, but rather to ignite and share our unique gifts.

Take the leap into a new life for yourself; a leap into your Soul Self!