Many people are facing major transitions in their lives:  death of a loved one, divorce, Illness or surgery.  Some are looking for a deeper meaning in life, in themselves, in their own Soul purpose.  

Whether you are experiencing lack of energy, fatigue, stress and pain, or wanting to break through ordinary perception into the greater awareness of your Soul, the remedy or process is the same!

Interruptions in our energy, our health - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, can lessen our ability to see clearly, make effective choices and feel the freedom of vitality and greater awareness.  I can assess the blocks,  help clear restricting beliefs and teach you tools to not only support your health and  well-being, but also delve into the greater mysteries of your Soul essence.

Using intuitive, energetic, Hawaiian and Chinese healing tools along with Astrology and Numerology, we can create a plan, walk together to release restrictions and reveal your Radiant Self!

Sessions by phone, FaceTime, ZOOM or in-person (only in Sonoma ,CA or Santa Barbara, CA).