21 Sep

Tools for Awareness & Healing          Lifting Prayer Release                                  

The intention of this kind of prayer is to clear your field of any thoughts, feelings, sensations or energy that you may have ‘picked up’ or ‘absorbed’ from other people or places.  If an individual is particularly sensitive, has low energy/vitality or decreased health, they may have thoughts, sensations and feelings not their own.  It is important to be pragmatic and realistic.  If you experience fatigue and didn’t sleep well the night before, doing a ‘clearing’ may not help you.  However, if you cannot find a  simple ‘reason’ for the sensation or feeling, you might try this clearing.  Review your own actions first. 

 Example: "Great Spirit, if this pain (feeling, sensation, grief, fear, anger, thought, confusion, etc.) is not mine and not for my highest good, I ask that it be cleared NOW!".   

If the pain, discomfort, etc. is still with you, then it may be due to one of many other reasons.  Contact me with your questions..

Example from my experience: 

The day after I was first taught this exercise, I said the prayer several times after 'odd' sensations: a sudden headache, a sudden stomach ache and each time the sensation left immediately.  I decided to try an experiment and any time during that week that I had any kind of negative thought, feeling, pain or discomfort, I would say the prayer.  Approximately 80% of them disappeared!

   This technique was taught to me by John-Roger, DDS, who was the Spiritual Director of MSIA, Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. 


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