30 Apr

Becoming present, is the portal to the Presence.

Coming into this very moment, relaxing, being aware is the doorway to the Presence of God, of Spirit, of the Kingdom.  “The Way is so simple, but not necessarily easy!” said my own spiritual teacher.  Breathing, relaxing, opening to this moment is simple.  Yet we need to practice to create a both a ‘channel’ and a 'muscle' for developing this Presence. Our minds can truly be both the prison and the avenue of escape  and mastery for us.  

To learn and grow intellectually is a life-long joy for many.    To develop the body through sports and activities is also a joy for many.  Yet if we want the experience of God, Spirit, Unity, Purpose, we need to move into our hearts, into feeling/sensing (not emotion), into slowing down a bit and opening our awareness to the present moment.  With many of us, this experience of being in the present moment can come in sports, being with a loved one or friend, in prayer or meditation, being in nature.  With practice, this can be done quite quickly.  Once in that state, we can then enter capital “P” - Presence.  

Presence may be felt as a shift in consciousness and awareness that moves into the heart, expanding in all directions, like the image of the heart’s torus – that donut-shaped electro-magnetic field that the heart produces.  **See Biofield blog**

When we close our eyes, we engage the para-sympathetic nervous system.  This is the nervous system of relaxation, calm and peace, happiness and security.  The sympathetic system (eyes open) is the system that watches, ready for flight or fight, poised to handle stress, challenges – our day to day life!  

 Deep, rhythmic breathing,  increases a state of calm in both brain/mind, emotions and body.  A dear friend coined it: The Prayer of 3 Deep Breaths.  This is a good beginning practice.  You can practice this NOW.  Just take in a deep breath to the slow count of 5, then exhale to the slow count of 5.  Repeat 3 or more times.

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